Best Thing to Do When You Want to Play Poker For Free

If you have ever wanted to play poker for free, but are worried about being stuck in an uncomfortable situation with someone you do not know, breathe a sigh of Relief: you actually have many choices. In reality, you actually have quite a few options that span from contacting your local poker playing buddies for an impromptu (and maybe questionable) tutorial, to going online and looking for a poker room that offers free poker to play. It may sound impossible, but it is possible. The only thing standing between you and a chance at playing poker for real money is finding the right place to get started.

play poker for free

The first option, of course, is to simply start up a new account on Facebook. While this may sound like the best way to play poker for free because you can avoid being identified, Facebook privacy policies will eventually catch up to your actions. Therefore, unless you want to be labeled a hacker or just a complete cyber-thief, it might be best to keep your social networking activity within the walls of your own home. This option is also very convenient, especially if you play poker often on Facebook. All you would have to do is copy and paste your Facebook ID and you are ready to roll.

The second option is to download one of several free poker apps for your smart phone or tablet. One of the most popular applications is Pocketurable, which is known for its high quality and great design. A quick search on Google for “pocket friendly” will give you a long list of viable alternatives. A few examples include Pocketected, Cappuccino, and MyPhoneRoom. Most of these apps have limited features, but some are simply perfect for playing at Facebook because they are optimized to load quickly on low memory phones.

While using an application is easy to set up, using it to play poker online is a bit trickier. Since you won’t actually be holding the cards, it is important to ensure that there is enough room for everyone who wants to play. This can be solved by setting up an account with a site like CyberCoders. Cyber Coders allows players to add friends and sets up rooms with poker chips as if they were playing in a real casino.

One of the most important considerations when playing poker with real money games is security. Free poker games online will likely have the same security measures used in live casinos. However, keep in mind that cyber sites often run scams that steal credit card information. If you are concerned about getting scammed, then it may be better to play in fake casino environments than to expose yourself to cyber thieves.

It can be difficult to decide which poker apps you should try. The best thing to do is to test them out for a few weeks before deciding whether or not you like them. Some apps are simply better than others. You can either download free poker apps from the internet or purchase them on different sites online. Once you start playing poker, you will quickly find out which one is your favorite.